SS-1 Suitable for external zoom lens compact digital camera. 
Over 1000 camera models can be fitted (updated at 31 Jan 2015)


Agfa 1, 100, 102, 103, 104, 105, 505x, 1338mT, 1438m, 2030m, 2338mT, DC-70, DC-F350, DC-W80, DC733i, DC733s, DC830i, DC833m

Aigo F100, F200, F350, P1, T30, T35, T60, T70, * T1000, T1028, T1068, T1200, T1258, T1260, T1428, T1458, V68, V80, V500, V630, V700, V720, V728, V740, V760, V780, V800, V830, V860, V866, V880, V890, V1000, V1018, V1080, W148

BenQ C520, C530, C630, C750, C850, C1020, C1060, C1220, C1230, C1250, C1255, C1460, E510, E520, E605, E720, E800, E820, E1000, E1020, E1030, E1035, E1040, E1050, E1050t, E1220, E1230, E1240, E1250, E1260, L1020, L1050, T700, T800, T850, T1260, X600, X710, X720, X725, X835, W1220

Canon A810, A2200, A2300, A2400IS, A2500, A2600, A3000, A3000IS, A3100, A3100IS, A3200IS, A3300, A3400IS, A3500IS, A4000IS, IXUS30, IXUS40, IXUS50, IXUS55, IXUS60, IXUS65, IXUS70, IXUS75, IXUS80 IS, IXUS85IS, IXUS90IS, IXUS95IS, IXUS100IS, IXUS105, IXUS105IS, IXUS110IS, IXUS115HS, IXUS120IS, IXUS125HS, IXUS130, IXUS132, IXUS135, IXUS140, IXUS145, IXUS150, IXUS155, IXUS200IS, IXUS210, IXUS220HS, IXUS225HS, IXUS230HS, IXUS240HS, IXUS245HS, IXUS255HS, IXUS400, IXUS430, IXUS500, IXUS500HS, IXUS510HS, IXUS700, IXUS750, *IXUS800IS, IXUS850IS, IXUS860IS, IXUS870IS, IXUS900TI, *IXUS950IS, IXUS960IS, *IXUS970IS, IXUS980IS, IXUS990IS, IXUS1100HS,IXUS i, IXUS i5, IXUS i7, IXUS iZoom, IXUS i7 Zoom, IXUS IIs, IXUS II, IXUS Wireless, IXUS V3, IXY1, IXY3, IXY10, IXY10S, IXY20IS, IXY25IS, IXY30, IXY30a, IXY40, IXY50, IXY55, IXY60, IXY70, IXY80, IXY90, IXY90F, IXY95IS, IXY110F, IXY110IS, IXY120, IXY130, IXY140, IXY200, IXY200a, IXY200F, IXY210F, IXY220F, IXY210IS, IXY220IS, IXY320, IXY400, IXY400F, IXY 410F, IXY420F, IXY430F, IXY450, IXY500, IXY510IS, IXY600, IXY600F, IXY610F, IXY700, IXY800IS, *IXY810IS, IXY820IS, IXY830IS, IXY900IS, IXY910IS, IXY920IS, IXY930IS, IXY1000, IXY2000IS, IXY3000IS, IXY L, IXY L2, IXY L3, IXY L4, IXY Wireless, SD10, SD20, SD30, SD40, SD100, SD110, SD200, SD300, SD400, SD430, SD450, SD500, SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700IS, SD750, SD770IS, SD780IS, SD790IS, SD800IS, *SD850IS, SD870IS, SD880IS, *SD890IS, SD900, SD940IS, SD950IS, SD960IS, SD970IS, SD980IS, SD990IS, SD1000, SD1100IS, SD1200IS, SD1300IS, SD1400IS, SD3500IS, S95, S230, S100, S110, S400, S410, S500

Casio EX-JE10, EX-N1/EX-N10, EX-N5, EX-N20, EX-Z28, EX-Z770, EX-ZS6, EX-Z690, EX-Z3000, EX-ZS12, EX-ZS15, EX-ZS20, EX-ZS25, EX-ZS26, EX-ZS30, EX-ZS35, EX-ZR20, FC100, FC150, FC160S, QV-R300, S5, S6, S7, S8, S10, S12, S100, S500, S600, S770, S880, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9, Z10,Z11, Z19, Z20, Z25, Z27, Z29, Z30, Z33, Z35, Z37, Z40, Z50, Z55, Z57, Z60, Z65, Z70, Z75, Z76, Z77, Z80, Z85, Z88, Z90, Z100, Z110, Z120, Z150, Z200, Z250, Z270, Z280, Z300, Z330, Z350, Z370, Z400, Z450, Z500, Z550, Z600, Z670, Z680, Z700, Z750, Z800, Z850, Z1000, Z1050, Z1080, Z1200, Z1200SR, Z3000, ZS5, ZS10

Fujifilm A100, A150, A170, A175, A180, A220, A225, A400, A500, AV100, AV105, AV110, AV120, AV130, AV150, AV180, AV200, AV205, AV230, AV235, AV250, AV255, AV280, AV285, AX200, AX205, AX245W, AX250, AX280, AX300, AX305, AX330, AX335, AX350, AX355, AX380, AX385, AX500, F10, F11, F20, F30, F31fd, F40fd, F47fd, F50fd, F60fd, F70EXR, F80EXR, F85EXR, F75, F85, F200EXR, F455, F460, F470, F480, F100fd, F200, J10, J20, J25, J26, J27, J30, J32, J35, J37, J38, J50, J100, J120, J210, J250, JV100, JV105, JV110, JV150, JV160, JV170, JV200, JV205, JV250, JV255, JX200, JX205, JX210, JX250, JX255, JX280, JX300, JX305, JX350, JX355, JX370, JX400, JX405, JX420, JX500, JX530, JX700, JZ100, JZ200, JZ300, JZ305, JZ310, JZ500, JZ505, JZ510, JZ700, J15fd, J110W, J150W, T200, T205, T300, T305, T500, V10

GE A830, A835, A950, A1030, A1035, A1050, A1150, A1200, A1230, A1235, A1250, A1255, A1455, A1456W, C1033, C1233, C1440W, E840S, E850, E1040, E1050, E1050W, E1055W, E1240, E1250W, E1250TW, E1255, E1255W, E1410SW, E1450W, E1480W, E1486TW, E1680W, J1050, J1250, J1455, J1458W, J1470S

Haier A21, G20, G30, L90, L1080, MA5B, S40, S50, S52, S61, S66, T70, V80, V1080, V1082, V1280T, X80, X90

Hitachi HDC-502, HDC-507, HDC-509, HDC-632, HDC-841, HDC-1231, HDC-1241 ,HDC-1471

Kodak C140, C142, C160, C180, C182, C190, C763, C913, C1013, M200, M320, M340, M341, M380, M420, M530, M550, M575, M590, M753, M763IS, M853, M863IS, M873, M883, M893 IS, M1033, M1063 IS, M1073IS, M1093IS, M2008, MD30, Touch, V550, V603, V1073, V1273, V530 Zoom, V550 Zoom

Leica *C-LUX 1, *C-LUX 2, *C-LUX 3

Nikon L2, L3, L6, L10, L11, L12, L14, L15, L16, L18, L19, L20, L21, L22, L23, L26, L27, L28, S70, S200, S210, S220, S230, S500, S510, S520, S550, S560, S570, S600, S610, S610C, S620, S630, S640, S700, S710, S2500, S2600, S2700, S2800, S3000, S3100, S3200, S3300, S3400, S3500, S3600, S4000, S4100, S4150, S4200, S4300, S4400, S5100, S5200, S5300, S6000, S6150, S6100, S6200, S6300, S6400, S6700

Olympus FE20, FE25, FE26, FE35, FE45, FE46, FE47, FE130, FE140, FE150, FE160, FE180, FE190, FE200, FE220, FE220D, FE230, FE240, FE250, FE280, FE290, FE300, FE320, FE330, FE340, FE350, FE350 Wide, FE360, FE370, FE3000, FE3010, FE4000, FE4010, FE4020, FE4030, FE4040, FE4050, FE5000, FE5010, FE5020, FE5030, FE5050, FE5500, μ700, μ710, μ740, μ750, μ760, μ780, μ810, μ820, μ830, μ840, μ1000, μ1010, μ1020, μ1200, μ1060, μ5000, μ5010, μ7000, μ7010, μ7020, μ7030, μ7040, μ7050, VG-110, VG-120, VG-130, VG-140, VG-145, VG-160, *VG-180, X600, X905, X915, X940


F5, *F516, *FH1, *FH2, *FH3, FH4, *FH5, FH6, *FH-7, FH8, FH10, *FH20, *FH22, *FH25, *FH27, *FS1, *FS2, *FS3, *FS5, * FS6, *FS7, *FS10, *FS11, *FS12, *FS15, *FS18, *FS20, *FS25, *FS30, *FS33, *FS42, *FS62, *FX01, *FX2, * FX3, *FX07, *FX7, *FX8, *FX9, *FX10, *FX12, *FX30, *FX33, * FX35, *FX36, *FX37, *FX38, *FX40, *FX48, *FX68, *FX50, *FX55, *FX60, *FX65, *FX66, *FX77, *FX78, FX80, *FX100, *FX150, *FX180, *FX500, *FX520, * FX550, *FX580, L5, *LS85, S1, S2, S3, SZ1, SZ3, SZ7, SZ9, XS1, XS3, *ZR1, *ZR3, *ZX1, *ZX3

Pentax 50, A10, A20, A30, A36, A40, E40, E50, E70, E85, E75, E60, E65, E70L, E90, H90, L20, L36, L50, M10, M20, M30, M40, M50, M60, M85, M90, P70, P80, RS1000, RS1500, S, S5i, S5n, S5z, S1, S4, S4i, S6, S7, S10, S12, S30, S40, S45, S50, S55, S60, T10, T20, T30, V10, V20, SV, Svi, Z10

Polaroid i737, i834, i835, i836, i1035, i1037, i1237, i1437, T830, T1455

Praktica 5203, 6105 ,6403, 6503, 7103, 7203, 7303, 8203, 8213, 8303, 8403, 8503, 4-Z50S, 14-Z5, 14-04, 12-Z5, 12-Z4, 12-XS, 12-TS, 12-23, 12-04, 12-03, 10-XS, 12-Z4TS, 10-X3, 10-TS, 10-23, 10-03, DC 60, DCZ 5.8, DCZ 6.8, DCZ 7.2, DCZ 7.3, DCZ 7.4, DCZ 8.2, DCZ 8.3, DCZ 10.3, DCZ 10.4, DCZ 12.1,DCZ 14.1, Dpix 530Z, DPix 740Z,DPix 750Z,DPix 820Z, DPix 1000Z,DPix 3200,DPix 3300, DPix 5100, DPix 5200, DPix 9000

Premier DC67, DC68, DC87, DC593, DC6360, DM6365,DC6370, DC6371, DM7362, DM7365, DS7450, DSA350, ES6, SL4, SL5, SL8, SL53, SL58, SL63, SL68, SL83, SL86, SL1000

Ricoh R1, R1S, R1V, R2, R2s, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R30, R40, R50, RR730, RR750

Rollei CL 52, CL 55, Compactline 81, Compactline 90, CL 101, CL 102, CL 103, CL 110, CL 122, CL 130, CL 200, CL 202, CL 203, CL 230, CL 302, CL 312, CL 320, CL 350, CL 360TS, CL 370TS, CL 390SE, Compactline 412, Compactline 415, Compactline 424, Compactline 425, da8, da70, da80, da81, da100, da101, da120, da800, da1325, da6325, da7535, da8325, da8535, dr135, dr835, Flexline140, Flexline200, Powerflex 400, Powerflex 440, Powerflex 450, Powerflex 460, Powerflex 455, Powerflex 470, Powerflex 500, Powerflex 600, Powerflex 700HD, Sportsline 50, Sportsline 60, Sportsline 60 le, Sportsline 60Z, XS10

Samsung CL5, D75, D860, DV100, *DV150F, DV300F, ES10, ES15, ES17, ES20, ES30, ES55, ES60, ES65, ES70, ES73, ES75, ES80, ES90, IT100, *M310, MV800, MV860, L60, L70, L77, L100, L201,L210, L301, L310W, L700, L730, L830, PL20, PL50, PL51, PL55, PL60, PL65, PL70, PL80, PL90, PL100, PL120, PL150, PL170, PL200, PL502, S760 , S1070, SH100, SL50, SL102, SL202, SL600, SL620, SL720, SL820, ST30, ST45, ST50, ST60, ST65, ST70, *ST72, ST77, ST80, ST88, ST90, ST93, ST95, ST96, ST500, ST550, ST700, ST6500, TL205, TL210, TL220, TL225, TL320, TL350, WB1000

Sanyo DSC-E6, VPC-E7, VPC-E10, VPC-E60EX, VPC-E760, VPC-E870, VPC-E1000, VPC-E1075, VPC-E1090, VPC-E1290, VPC-S6, VPC-S7, VPC-S60EX, VPC-S70, VPC-S500, VPC-S600, VPC-S650, VPC-S670, VPC-S700, VPC-S750, VPC-S770, VPC-S870, VPC-S880, VPC-S1070, VPC-S1080, VPC-S1275, VPC-S1285, VPC-T700, VPC-T850, VPC-T1060, VPC-X1200, VPC-X1250, DSC-E7, DSC-S7, DSC-1200, DSC-X1250, DSC-X1260, VPC-W800

Sony DSC-WX170, DSC-WX350, N1, N2, S2000, S2100, S650, S700, S730, S780, S930, S950, S980, W30, W35, W50, W55, W70, W80, W85, W90, W100, W110, W120, W130, W150, W170, W180, W190, W200, W210, W215, W220, W230, W270, W290, W300, W310, W320, W330, W350, W350D, W370, W380, W390, W510, W520, W530, W550, W560, W570, W570D, W610, W630, W690, W710, W730, W810, WX1, WX5, WX7, WX9, WX10, WX30, WX50, WX60, WX70, WX80, WX170, WX200, WX220, WX350

Yashica DC504, DC803, EZF10, EZF12W4XA, EZF12W4XL, EZF12W5XL, EZF524, EZ F524MKII, EZF525, EZF527L, EZF531, EZF725, EZF824, EZF827, EZF924Z, EZF1027, EZF1027L, EZF1031, EZF1230, EZF1230L, EZF1231, EZF1233, EZ7032, EZ8032, EZF8035, EZF8321, EZTP-5, EZTP-9, EZTP-10, EZW-503A


SS-2 Suitable for internal zoom lens compact digital camera models. Over 200 camera models can be fitted (updated at 31 Jan 2015)

Aigo DC-T3, V750, V790

Casio FS10, FS10S, M1, M2, M20, S1, S2, S3, S20, V7, V8

Fujifilm XP10, XP11, Z1, Z1 Zoom, Z2, Z2 Zoom, Z3, Z3 Zoom, Z5FD, Z10FD, Z20, Z20FD, Z100FD, Z30, Z31, Z33WP, Z35, Z37, Z70, Z71, Z80, Z81, Z90, Z91, Z100, Z200, Z200fd, Z250, Z250fd, Z300, Z700EXR, Z707, Z707EXR, Z800EXR, Z808EXR

GE G1, G2, G3WP, G5WP

Haier V805W

Kodak M590

Nikon S1, S2, S3, S5, S8, S9, S50, S50C, S51, S51C, S52, S52C, S60, S70, S80, S1000pj

Olympus TG310, *TG320, *TG-320, TG610, TG-615, µ550, µ730, µ790SW, µ850, µ850sw, µ1030, µ1030sw, µ1040, µ1050, µ1050sw, µ1070, µTOUGH-3000, µTOUGH-6000, µTOUGH-6010, µTOUGH-6020, µTOUGH-8000, µTOUGH-8010, µ720sw, µ725sw, µ730sw, µ770sw, µ790sw, µ795sw, µ850SW, µ1050SW

Panasonic FP1, FP2, FP3, FP8, FT1, TS1, TS2, TOUGH-6020, µTOUGH-8000, µTOUGH-8010, µ720sw, µ725sw, µ730sw, µ770sw, µ790sw, µ795sw, µ850SW, µ1050SW

Pentax WS80

Praktica DMMC 4, DMMC,luxmedia 7403, DPix 5000WP


Sportsline 90, Sportsline 99, X8

Samsung AQ100, CL5, i5, i6, i8, i50, i85, i100, L83T, NV3, NV9, NV33, PL10, ST10, ST100, ST1000, SC-MS20, SC-MS25, VP-MS11, WP10

Sony J10, T1, T2, T3, T5, T7, T9, T10, T20, T30, T33, T50, T70, T77, T90, T99, T99D, T100, T110, T200, T300, T500, T700, T900, TX1, TX5, TX7, TX9, TX10, TX20, TX30, TX55, TX66, TX100V, TX300V

Yashica DC318, DSC T68, EZ7033, EZF537IR, *EZ NV-1, EZUW-505


For marked with * camera models, Seashell may not be able to control the Power switch of the camera, therefore, you should turn the camera ON before closing the Seashell housing for use. It is important to see if the camera is incorporated with Auto Power saving mode and you are advised to turn this Mode ON when the camera is in use.