Terms and Conditions (conditions of use)

1. General points
2. Offers
3. Price
4. Paying methods
5. Terms of payment and reservation of title
6. Orders
7. Deliveries and partial deliveries
8. Risk due to transport, damage due to transport and transport security
9. Return and exchange
10. Original packaging
11. Legal guarantee / warranty provisions
12. Repairs
13. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

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1. General points
1.1. The terms and conditions (here called Conditions of use) set out the provisions and benefits between Frank Miller(also called www.intova.ch / www.seashell-shop.ch / www.intovatec.ch / www.photoplongée.ch / www.appareil-photo-etanche.ch / www.unterwasserkameras.ch / www.underwatercameras.ch / www.divingstore.ch) and customers.
1.2. The differing agreements are only valid if approved by Frank Miller.

2. Offers
2.1. The online offers of www.intova.ch are given without any form of engagement and therefore are no form of contracts. The email confirmation and the delivery of the merchandise are mandatory (required) for the delivery. The offers are made according to the availability of our supplier's or manufacturer's products/accessories.
2.2. All information on the products, the product's pictures, technical specs, etc is given without any warranty on the online shop's website www.intova.ch. The manufacturer's valid specifications are mandatory at delivery.
2.3. The detailed information about the products come from www.intova.ch or other suppliers and can exclusively be used by www.intova.ch. 
2.4. www.intova.ch doesn't endorse any responsibility about the external WebPages'content.

3. Price
3..1 All the www.intova.ch prices match the added value tax (VAT). The net prices are indicated in Swiss Francs and Euros. For the orders abroad from Switzerland, the added value tax (VAT) of 7,7% is automatically deducted.
3.2. The side costs (for ex. shipping costs, packaging, and supplies according to the payment methods) are indicated separately.
3.3. The order date is mandatory and determining for the price fixing. Any changes in the prices aren't taken account of during the delivery process.
3.4. The information is provided under the cover of technical modifications, mistakes or typing mistakes.
3.5. www.intova.ch can modify its prices at any time and without any notice.
3.6. The selling price does not include any consulting or technical assistance.

4. Paying methods
4.1. www.intova.ch accepts payments made by credit or debit cards, Paypal and Bankwire.
4.2. For a debit or credit card payment, the amount to pay is defined at the order of the merchandise. www.intova.ch can at any time activate or deactivate a specific debit or credit card without any notice. During a debit or credit card payment process, the client's info is transmitted under an encrypted form.
4.3. www.intova.ch bills the costs of recall or dismissal.
4.4. In case of advance payment, the invoice must be settled within 5 calendar days, failing which www.intova.ch can cancel the order.
4.5. www.intova.ch reserves the right to conduct checks on the creditworthiness of customers and can send this customer information to third parties. www.intova.ch may, without providing justification, exclude certain means of payment in general or for individual customers.

5. Terms of payment and reservation of title
5.1 If a customer is late with a part or full amount of purchase, www.intova.ch may suspend without notice remaining deliveries, in whole or in part, until the entire debt has been resolved.
5.2 If a customer does not pay his debt after the extension of payment www.intova.ch may require an indemnity and proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO). www.intova.ch has the right to delegate the collection of receivables to an outsider.
5.3 www.intova.ch may levy surcharges on certain means of payment and may change without notice.
5.4 The merchandise delivered by www.intova.ch remains the property of Framico Sàrl until the full amount of the purchase (including all extra charges) has been paid to www.intova.ch. The customer agrees to take good care of products as they are the property of www.intova.ch.

6. Orders
6.1. Orders can be placed exclusively on our website. Orders by phone or hand written are excluded.
6.2. Orders by minors or persons under guardianship are allowed with the permission of their legal representative.
6.3. For orders placed, www.intova.ch ' s general conditions of sale are valid.

7. Deliveries and partial deliveries
7.1. The deliveries are done by the Swiss Post. Goods ordered may, only with prior consent, be removed directly by the client at www.intova.ch.
7.2. www.intova.ch confirms the order after finding it by e-mail.
7.3. The delivery dates given by www.intova.ch are for illustrative purposes. There is no firm dates. If a delivery can't be held, the client may cancel the order after expiration of a further period of at least 60 days which he will specify in writing. In this case, the customer is not entitled to additional compensation.
7.4. www.intova.ch may cancel orders confirmed, due to external circumstances, without a result of financial consequences.
7.5. www.intova.ch may need to make partial deliveries.
7.6. www.intova.ch can assign deliveries and partial deliveries to various transport companies. Delivery is normally made on the sidewalk, not on the floor or in the apartment of the client. Delivery of small merchandise at the door or in the mailbox of the customer is left to the discretion of the carrier in question.
7.7. www.intova.ch does not eliminate old merchandise.
7.8. www.intova.ch does not provide an installation or setup service.

8. Risk due to transport, damage due to transport and transport security
8.1. The goods are shipped to the customer's own risk. The merchandise, however, has limited coverage on the transport insurance.
8.2. The customer agrees to immediately check that the merchandise is correctly delivered, complete and in good condition. The damage to the goods delivered must be reported to the shipping company as soon as possible, no later than within 5 calendar days after delivery.
8.3. In case of claims, all parts of the original packaging must be retained until the written approval of the transportation company or www.intova.ch.
8.4 The customer gets to the end of the order to guarantee transportation for damage due to transportation and loss through transport. The route of the shipment is insured on the damage actually caused, and the maximum value of the goods at the time of order. The customer is entitled only to repair faults respectively. The exchange (replacement delivery) or damages for depreciation. The decision to repair or exchange a device is the responsibility of www.intova.ch. Any damage to the goods delivered must be notified by e-mail to www.intova.ch as soon as possible, no later than within 5 calendar days after delivery. In case of claims, all parts of the original packaging must be retained.
8.5 A subsequent subscription to a guarantee of travel is not possible.
8.6 The goods sent directly by the customer for compensation / fixing, without having been reported to www.intova.ch, can no longer be processed further by the transportation warranty.

9. Return and exchange
9.1. Generally, the goods can't be returned.
9.2. The return of goods delivered is possible in some exceptional cases, which always require the written consent of www.intova.ch. In this case, the client receives a number or an address from www.intova.ch.
9.3. Goods must be returned in original packaging, complete with all accessories and the receipt of purchase attached. Return of goods is at the expense and risk of the customer.
9.4. Regarding the returns of goods to www.intova.ch, thus under no kind of agreement, the company is entitled to demand compensation from the customer.
9.5. Goods returned without the original packaging, incomplete, with missing components or incorrect address will be returned to the client. In this case, www.intova.ch will bill a compensation to the customer for the additional processing required.

10. Original packaging
10.1. The original packaging provides optimal protection of the merchandise. The original packaging must be retained. In case of repair, the unit must be sent with all accessories in the original package. Failing this, the goods must be sent in appropriate packaging for transport.

11. Legal guarantee / warranty provisions
To the extent permitted by law, www.intova.ch disclaims under the seller's legal obligation of warranty, which is replaced by the following provisions.
11.1. The warranty provisions (in particular the guarantee period) of the manufacturer are decisive for items purchased on www.intova.ch. The client in Switzerland / CH can enforce the guarantee directly at www.intova.ch. The client out of Switzerland / CH must enforce the guarantee directly to the service center indicated by the manufacturer.
11.2. The bill replaces the warranty and must be carefully preserved.
11.3. In general, the provisions of the manufacturer's warranty are limited solely to repair or exchange (replacement unit) of the defective item, excluding cases that are not covered. The reasons for exclusion include damage caused by natural elements, with moisture, damage due to shocks or falls, natural wear, software issues, handling errors, damage caused by third parties, and interventions or modifications that are not conform to the device. Excluded from warranty are worn / used parts, batteries, accumulators, projector lamps and case parts. The decision to repair or exchange a unit usually depends on the manufacturer. The exchange of a device does not renew the warranty period. During the period of repair, the customer is not entitled to a replacement unit. The home service is not part of the warranty. The unit or parts that have been replaced shall become the property of the manufacturer. The client can't assert any additional claims under the warranty. Subject to the provisions of different manufacturer.

12. Repairs
12.1. For repairs in Switzerland / CH, the customer can directly apply at www.intova.ch. For repairs out of Switzerland / CH, the customer must directly apply to the service center designated by the manufacturer.
12.2. Equipment must be returned in original packaging with all accessories. If under exceptional circumstances, the original packaging is damaged, the goods must be sent in an appropriate package for transport. Shipping costs are charged to the customer. In case of improper packaging, the transport company may refuse the mandated removal of the goods.
12.3. If the client incorrectly sends an appliance repair www.intova.ch, an administrative fee of CHF 50 .- will be charged in addition to any repair costs.

13 Jurisdiction, Applicable Law
To the extent permitted by law, subject to the district court in Fribourg / FR as the exclusive place, is only the Swiss law.